Watts Miners Unveils Three New Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

New York-based Watts Miner has reiterated its commitment to taking cryptocurrency mining to another level with the launch of three new mining rigs. The three rigs utilize ASIC technology and are configured for ease of use with the promise of generating returns in one months? time.

Watts Miner New Rigs Pricing

Watts Mini, Watt Miner, and Watts Rack are the three rigs set to deliver high hash power, ideal for mining operation at relatively low energy. Each of the rigs is pre-configured, evaluated, and prototyped and pressure tested to operate under extreme conditions.

The Watts Mini rig goes for $4,900 ideal for those looking for the lowest cost of entry into the business of mining cryptocurrencies. Watts Miner on the other is priced at $7,000 ideal for those who wish to engage in aggressive mining operation. Watts Rack is the most expensive of the three at $20,000. The rack consists of four miners configured in one unit.

In addition to using the rigs for Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations, Watt Miner is also targeting Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH) and Monero (XMR) mining.

Design and Features

The three rigs are also designed to operate under multiple algorithms expected to take efficiency to another level. According to the company, the rigs come with a hardware design that stands out from the rest on hash rate and power consumption.

In addition, the three rigs feature a one of a kind closed loop cooling system. The rigs can also be installed at residential areas given that they come with low noise levels that should not be a nuisance. Noiseless fans featuring improved blade aerodynamics are also on offer with built in vibration pads. Power consumption with the three rigs will vary between 800W?10%, 1200W?10% and (1200W?10%) x 4 for the three models.

?We made it easier for the common man to join the mining game. All you have to do is plug in the socket and start mining,? said David Anderson, CEO of Watts Miners.


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