Electroneum Unaffected By Google Cryptocurrency Mining Ban

Google Cryptocurrency Mining Ban

Electroneum was one of the apps that was poised to feel the full effects of a Google ban on cryptocurrency mining apps in its App Store. However, that won’t be the case. In a Twitter post, the developers insist the app won?t be affected by the new guidelines given that the app is not configured for phone mining, which is the reason behind the tech giant?s ban.

Google Cryptocurrency Mining Ban

Google new ban will not target apps engaged in remote mining operations of which Electroneum is one of them. Remote mining apps facilitate mining operations outside devices in things like servers by enabling cloud-based mining. Google decision to allow remote mining apps in its app store is somehow similar to Apple, which also permits such apps.

Electroneum won?t be delisted from Google Play Store on the fact that that it falls under the remote mining category. Electroneum consumes data in the range of between 4.5 and 5mb, and the highest hash rate it can achieve is in the range of 50H/S.

Electroneum Application

In addition to facilitating remote cryptocurrency mining operations, Electroneum facilitates the sending and receiving of micro-payments. The app has gained immense following and usage in emerging economies where large populations have access to mobile phones but are unbanked.

The company has already inked commercial deals and partnerships as part of expanding the ETN network. While focus so far has been on Google?s app store, Electroneum is also working on an iOS wallet that is currently undergoing testing. The unveiling of the wallet is part of the projects push to reach more users.

After forking from Monero, the platforms underlying cryptocurrency ETN removed most of the underlying privacy features. The network can now operate in most jurisdiction, where know your customer procedures are a must.

?Being an anti-establishment coin won?t get us anywhere; we?re a cryptocurrency that needs to work with the operators and regulators to roll-out our service,? said CEO, Richard Ells.


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