Google Inks Cloud Partnerships In Race For Blockchain Innovations

Google is developing a blockchain

Google is no longer going to take a back seat and watch as other companies make inroads in the blockchain space. The search giant has made it clear it won?t be playing second fiddle as other tech giants take all the credits when it comes to innovations around the emerging technology spectacle.

Google Blockchain Push

The company has already confirmed that it does indeed support distributed ledger technology under its Google Cloud platform. The Confirmation comes as the company moves to showcase how it intends to leverage the technology to develop various solutions.

Google has already inked strategic partner initiatives as it seeks to provide customers with a way of trying out various blockchain frameworks. GCP customers will be able to try out the innovations before the end of the year, thanks to a partnership with Digital Assets and BlockApps.

?Customers can now explore ways they might use distributed ledger technology (DLT) frameworks on GCP with launch partners including Digital Asset and BlockApps, and try open-source integrations for Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum later this year in our GCP Marketplace,? Google in a statement.

Blockchain Technology Innovations

Digital Asset is currently working with the Australian Exchange as its new settlement platform is currently being tried to see if it can replace CHESS. This is in addition to making its toolset available through Google?s cloud. A partnership with Google according to the company?s CEO, is part of an effort that seeks to enhance blockchain technology utilization.

Blockchain technology has for the longest time been associated with cryptocurrencies. However, perception is slowly changing, having emerged that the technology could have a significant impact in revolutionizing operations in various sectors. It is for this reason that the likes of Google, IBM and Microsoft have been exploring how to use the technology to enhance their services.

Microsoft is currently exploring how to use the technology to develop financial services and chain offerings as part of its Azure cloud. IBM on its part maintains that digital ledger technology is an enterprise game changer having already secured positions to utilize the technology in the financial markets.


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