Are Twitter And Tron Considering A Partnership?


Something sure to send shockwaves in the microblogging and cryptocurrency space could be in the offing. Immediate reports indicate that Twitter officials did visit Tron headquarters fueling speculation of the motive behind the meeting.

Tron-Twitter Meeting

Tron Co-founder Justin Sun has already confirmed that a meeting did indeed take place involving officials from the microblogging company. Neither company has established the purpose of the meeting even as speculation continues to fill the air. While it cannot be said that a partnership between the two firms is certain, something big could be in the offing.

Twitter being a heavily used platform for cryptocurrency related activities remains the subject of attention over the proliferation of fake accounts looking defraud people. A collaboration between the microblogging site and Tron could as well help improve the situation by exposing fake accounts exposing users to crypto scams.

Tron?s Partnerships

This is not the first time that Tron has been linked with a potential partnership with a major tech giant. Ever since the company launched its mainnet the company has been eliciting interest as it also continues to dish out incentives to programmers and users in a bid to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.

Recently, rumors emerged about a possible partnership with e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba. The speculation follows the signing of major partnerships that have raised the company?s profile in the cryptocurrency space.

Tron has already inked a strategic partnership with adult entertainment site Pornhub for the use of its cryptocurrency in the network. The firm has also partnered Shift market, which is trying to set up cryptocurrency-exchanges around the globe.

Tron?s co-founder has also acquired a file sharing platform BitTorrent in a deal believed to be more than $100 million. The executive has also stated that they are working on one secret project that will be revealed at the end of the month.

In the wake of the mainnet launch, more than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges have already confirmed completion of Tron Token Swap. There is growing belief that completion of the token swap could help shore up TRX value trading platforms.


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