Cryptocurrencies And Sports: Cryptocurrency Payment At The FIFA World Cup And Involvement in eSports


Cryptocurrency adoption is a matter that the cryptocurrency community has been pushing for quite some time. The latest efforts of such have been seen in sports events including the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and also in eSports.

Major global events such as the FIFA World Cup present a great opportunity for spreading the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is because soccer fans have been flocking into Russia to witness the global sporting event and this also means that a lot of commerce activities will be going on. It also means that people will have to use foreign exchange services if they wish to purchase any products and services in Russia.However, cryptocurrencies present an easier option where visitors can make payments at hotels, restaurants and other facilities using cryptocurrencies.

The option to use cryptocurrencies would be ideal but unfortunately, the number of locations that accept cryptocurrency payments have been quite a few. The reason for this is that adoption has been slow and also the cryptocurrency market has been too volatile, thus discouraging businesses from trying out crypto payments.

All hope is however not lost for cryptocurrencies despite the slow start because the eSports community has been welcoming towards cryptocurrencies. For example,, a Spanish eSports community has teamed up with DAG-based cryptocurrency Byteball (GBYTE) in an attempt to encourage more adoption. Such partnerships are important especially given that the gaming industry currently represents the fastest growing segments and are also at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

?The agreement with Byteball is a sign of the evolution of new technologies, and how markets and businesses can cooperate to take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency,? stated Byteball founder, Tony Churyumoff.

The gaming industry attracts a lot of participation by millions of gamers from all over the world and as such, it represents one of the most effective platforms for encouraging crypto-adoption. The NANO community has also been aggressively marketing its NANO (XRB) cryptocurrency by sponsoring a Spanish eSports team. The NANO and Byteball communities have remained committed to marketing their digital currencies despite the declining cryptocurrency prices and unfavorable performance this year.


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