Verge XVG Needs A WhatsApp Like Partnership To Bounce Back

Verge XVG Needs A WhatsApp

Talk of cryptocurrencies finding their way into the mainstream industry has been gaining momentum in recent months. An increase in the number of merchants offering support for such forms of payment has all but gone a long way in affirming the sentiments. Verge (XVG) is one such crypto coin that appears to have all the features and capabilities that would make it compatible with messaging app WhatsApp.

Verge-WhatsApp Integration

Verge has already inked a partnership with Pornhub, making it one of the options of sending and receiving money in the site. The fact that the cryptocurrency has a mainstream appeal given its hip fan base makes it a perfect fit for an App of WhatsApp status.

While Parent company Facebook yet to make a formal bid or request on the integration of Verge into the messaging app, it?s been making inroads in integrating payment systems into some of its networking apps it owns. For instance, it has already added a money transfer feature into Facebook Messenger.

Reports making waves indicate that the giant social networking firm has already established a blockchain team, as it continues to take a keen interest in the emerging technology.

Top Gainer

WhatsApp being an ultra-secure messaging platform using end to end encryption appears to well suited for decentralized payment system of the like of Verge. Should such a partnership happen, Verge cryptocurrency would be the biggest gainer, given that the messaging app boasts of over 1 billion users.

The amount of airplay the digital currency would receive on inking a deal with a tech giant of Facebook caliber would go a long way in strengthening its sentiments and prospects in the cryptocurrency space. The value of the cryptocurrency has plummeted in recent months after falling prey to hacks and other attacks.

The cryptocurrency needs a catalyst in the form of a big partnership if it is to bottom out form the current lows. The cryptocurrency just like the broader industry is currently trading in a steep downtrend as it tries to bounce back.

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