Our Perspective On The NEWS Token Pool And Why It Makes Sense To Take Part


This article is aimed toward all our colleagues that are involved in creating news content on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, and the publishers. That said, it might also be helpful in assisting our common readers understand how they can help us grow and create better content.

I feel confident that I speak for all our colleagues in the crypto/blockchain news content creation and publishing space when I say that we all started based on an interest in or a passion for the underlying tech that powers cryptocurrencies. This space, unlike the mainstream news space, is different because people here are emotional invested and engaged; each with their personal reasons, be it financial growth or just their love for the tech. Whatever the reason may be, one common denominator is the promise on which Satoshi build Bitcoin; anonymity, privacy, decentralization and no risk of censorship. That is what builds and keeps the various alt-coin communities together, a common interest and believe.

This is why tension tends to rise when the communities feel the founders stray away from the foundation that created the specific coin/community, and could eventually lead to a divide within the community. How is this applicable to the NEWS token pool, and where does it fit in? One could say that we as content creators and publishers are part of all these communities, though more in the periphery trying to cover all the events happening in all of these communities. We do not belong to a specific community and are trying to not be biased toward a single coin/community, as we want to provide our readers with a fair and objective perspective.

With the NEWS Token Pool we actually have the opportunity to create our own common community, in which we can create, share, and discuss what is important to us. This is why Dippli believe in the framework that the NEWS Token Pool builds on:

?The current project is under development and is poised to work with independent news sites to become part of our news pool to create a larger unified network of news sites operating under a unified token (Paypool), which can be used send payments, receive payments, trade for bitcoin, altcoins, and exchanged for goods and services within the news token pool community and digital environment.?

We all compete for our current and potential reader?s affection and loyalty, so why does it make sense to be part of the NEWS Token Pool community? I reckon that we all, and by ‘all’ I also include the coin communities, work towards the same goal which is creating awareness and acceptance of all cryptocurrencies and its tech despite whatever indifference we may or may not have between us as individuals, communities or businesses. The fact is that the reader base we are competing for is extremely small compared to that of mainstream news.

The reality is also that we grow the number of new news sites each day, which makes it harder for us all to grow to a sustainable level from a reader perspective. Pooling our resources might just help with that as we share experiences and ideas across the board.

We at Dippli believe in helping and sharing within the community, and are involved with other news sites as a syndication partner or just to share ideas, input and give advice to new sites starting up.

At the end of the day we are not running a charity and we all need to make money somehow. This is why the NEWS Token is ideal to all of us.?We do not have to compete for it as we can buy and sell it on equal terms or get an equal amount of NEWS Tokens if we take part in the airdrop, and you, our readers, can support all of us by trading the coin and thereby create value to us which we can then reinvest into better content creation, read pay our content creators. After all it is all about the value we can add for you, our readers.

So if you are a news publisher, content creator or a blogger we would very much like for you to join the NEWS Token Pool, and help build a community we can call our own. A benefit to you is the airdrop which will give you a capital injection so why not sign up for it? Also come help promote the NEWS Token Pool.

If you our common readers want to support our community you can do so by trading the NEWS Token on CFINEX.

Disclosure: Dippli is a participant in the NEWS Token Pool and a holder of NEWS tokens.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be construed as financial advice in any way, nor as an encouragement to engage in cryptocurrency trading activity. This article was not sponsored by any entities or companies mentioned in the article. The only purpose of this article is to inform/educate on the topics discussed in the article.

Dippli is an independent media outlet that covers the current events in the crypto space. Got breaking news or a story to share? Then feel free to contact us at news@dippli.com.


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