Tokidoki Characters Comes To Life With Blockchain Startup ECOMI

Blockchain Startup ECOMI

ECOMI, a blockchain-based tech firm from Singapore has announced that it is working together with Lifestyle brand Tokidoki in a partnership aimed at transforming the brand?s characters into digital collectables.

The partnership which was announced during Consensus Week which was held in New York marks ECOMI?s first license with Tokidoki. The Singapore-based blockchain startup plans to create digital Tokidoki collectables which will help bring the lifestyle brand?s popular characters into the digital world. The digital collectables will be created as non-refundable tokens that can be accessed through the ECOMI Collect app.

ECOMI?s CEO, David Yu revealed in a statement that his company selected Tokidoki as its first brand partner mainly due to the ambition that they have demonstrated especially towards venturing into the digital domain. Yu also acknowledged that the lifestyle brand has a global fan base and pointed out that some of those followers have already started collecting different Tokidoki characters.

The ECOMI CEO believes that the ability to verify digital art ownership via the ECOMI Collect app will be a game changer especially in terms of how collectables are viewed and traded. Decentralized ledger technology will play a key role in simplifying the interactions between the ECOMI Collect app and the technologies involved. The combination of these technologies will contribute towards making sure that licensed digital collectibles are accessible to a global audience while upholding intellectual property protection and international security standards.

PoonehMohajer, the CEO, and co-founder of Tokidoki stated that his company has been looking forward to working with innovative firms. He also added that the partnership with ECOMI will provide an opportunity for both companies to disrupt the collectables market. The internet has come a long way over the years and the expression of creative work has never been as easy as it is now. Additionally, it traverses multiple facets such as audiovisual works, graphics and literary works among others that are copied and shared over the internet.

Anonymous sharing and the ease of sharing data have been a major risk factor for creators. Simone Legno, Tokidoki, the Chief Creative Director of Tokidoki stated that his firm was excited to be a pioneer for licenses in the digital collectables domain.

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