PORNX To Offer Confidentiality And Anonymity In Purchasing Adult Content


With traditional payment methods such as credit cards and bank accounts not suited for purchasing adult content due to the fact that they lack the anonymity that users crave, a project known as PORNX has emerged to provide a solution.

According to the team behind the project, PORNX is the first digital currency payment system which makes use of Lightning network and this will ensure that it offers anonymity and security when paying for adult content and products including adult toys, adult online video games, erotic video chats and porn videos.

$100 billion market

Currently the adult content sector is estimated to be worth over $100 billion across the globe. On a daily basis about 2.5 billion online searches relating to porn are conducted. It is also estimated that the daily active users of porn content is over 600 million.

Different studies have also concluded that the traffic to porn websites is higher than that of Twitter, Amazon and Netflix combined. One of the largest markets for porn is the United States that is estimated to have 12% of the global share. In 2016 for instance it was estimated that about 4.5 billion hours were spent by Americans watch porn videos online on just one website.

ERC20 standard

The PORNX cryptocurrency adheres to the Ethereum (ETH) platform standard of ERC20 and the project has received high ratings from the Initial Coin Offering rating agencies that are well known. Foundico has for instance given the PORNX project a rating of 9.8/10 while TrackICO has awarded the project a 4.8/5 rating.

PORNX virtual currency can be used in any part of the world without fear of legal restrictions. The processing speed of the transactions is also fast and is comparable to that of credit card payment processors such as MasterCard and Visa. Fees are lower compared to credit or debit cards. The security and anonymity offered by PORNX is made possible by algorithms which are similar to what has been deployed on the Tor network.

The official wallet which will be used to hold PORNX tokens is known as X-Wall. The app is available for Android and iOS and currently support 10 world languages.

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