How To Spend Your Litecoin (LTC)


As a virtual currency Litecoin (LTC) was meant to improve on bitcoin (BTC) and has now emerged as one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. In recent times Litecoin has also become popular with regards to making payments. Currently there are quite a number of businesses which accept Litecoin as a mode of payment.


One of these businesses accepting Litecoin is eGifter, a gift-giving website which is based in New York and which has formed a partnership with GoCoin with a view of offering bitcoin as well as Litecoin payment options for users. Per eGifter the move to accept Litecoin payments was a wise one since it has resulted in an increase in sales.


Ellenet, an Australian IT firm is another business which accepts payments in either Litecoin or bitcoin. The Australian IT solutions company was established around two decades ago and accepting cryptocurrencies forms part of the firm?s expansion plans. Ellenet has partnered with digital marketing firm Petabit Pty Ltd in order to accept payments in bitcoin and Litecoin.


Digital currencies are produced using a proof-of-work mechanism which in common terms is known as mining. For some digital currencies this requires specialized hardware or equipment. Now to acquire these mining rigs it is possible to use either Litecoin or bitcoin to pay for this equipment from KnCMiner.

On it is also possible to use litecoins as a mode of payment. The car dealer has partnered with GoCoin making the closing of deals fast and efficient. On BenzandBeamer however the car models are not limited to Mercedes Benz and BMW as the name would suggest but includes other brands as well. Earlier this year a Tesla Model S was acquired from the dealer using litecoins entirely.

Sean?s Outpost

Besides making purchases for individual, home or business use, it is also possible to make donations to charitable causes using Litecoin. An outreach center for the homeless known as Sean?s Outpost accepts donations in the form of Litecoin. The center offers meals for homeless people and is hoping that by allowing well-wishers to give their donations in virtual currencies they will be able to offer their services to more deserving people.

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