Nevada Brothel Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin Payments

A brothel located in the state of Nevada known as Bunny Ranch has started accepting bitcoin (BTC) for the purchase of sex services. Prostitution is legal in Nevada on condition that it is not carried out within the Las Vegas jurisdiction. The proprietor of Bunny Ranch is Dennis Hof who has been featured prominently together with his employees several times on Cathouse, a HBO documentary.

The process of accepting bitcoin as a form of payment started when one of the brothel girls had a client who wanted to pay in the virtual currency in order to avoid evidence of his visit to the bordello showing up on credit card statements.

?We have some of the richest men in the world coming in and out of my brothels ? so when I started hearing requests from them to look into accepting Bitcoin, I took those suggestions very seriously,” said Hof.

Bubble Escorts

Bunny Ranch is not the only firm focused on sex work or sex-related work that is accepting virtual currencies though. Recently Bubble Escorts revealed that it would accept payments for an escort in the form of bitcoin.

This also comes less than a month since the largest porn website in the world, Pornhub, announcing that it will begin accepting Verge (XVG) as a form of payment for its premium services. While Pornhub has a lot of content which users don?t have to pay for to consume, it also has paid services which require a subscription. Besides paying for premium services, the adult sister sites of Pornhub including Nutaku and Brazzers will also accept the virtual currency as a means of payment.

Focus on privacy

The choice of Verge as a means of payment was driven by the fact that the digital coin is focused on anonymity. While the public ledger of Verge allows transactions to be viewed by anyone, the anonymity tool known as Tor as well as I2P, an anonymous network, are employed with a view to hiding the location and IP addresses of users. This makes Verge highly anonymous compared to other virtual currencies such as bitcoin as the anonymity of users is protected.

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