NRCCOIN Officially Launched In Saudi Arabia And Other Middle Eastern Countries


The official launch of NRCCOIN has taken place and the virtual currency is now gaining popularity in Africa, India and the Middle East. NRCCOIN has also managed to attract finance powerhouses such as Noor Capital, the Dubai-based financial institution which is regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Noor Capital has not only invested in NRCCOIN but will also accept the virtual currency to be become part of the investment portfolios of its investors.

According to the chief executive officer of NRCCOIN LLC the virtual currency is aiming to become the preferred method for conducting various financial and business transactions.

Since it is a person-to-person application the digital currency can be bought and sold through the exchange either for fiat currencies or alternative virtual coins. With NRCCOIN it will be possible to but gold instantly and this will be made possible through the use of mobile apps which will allow easier accessibility.

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