7 Best Cryptocurrency-Related YouTube Channels To Watch In 2018


Cryptocurrency like many other investment opportunities requires a lot of analysis and technical knowledge in order to achieve success. Fortunately for anyone who is starting out or is already well into their cryptocurrency investment journey, there are various YouTube channels that one should consider looking into in order to get a better understanding. Below are 7 of the best YouTube channels that are focused on the cryptocurrency market.

1. DataDash


This is an all-rounded YouTube when it comes to cryptocurrency with its focus on providing a wide variety of cryptocurrency content. This includes news and developments about the market, as well as content on how to trade including the use of technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Nicholas Merten, the founder of the channel is actively involved in the market and attends a lot of cryptocurrency conferences thus highlighting a lot of commitment. The channel had about 285,000 followers at the time of this press and an aggregate of 13.68 million views since it was launched in June 2017.

2. Coin Mastery

This is yet another channel that strategically focuses on a regular analysis of the market to provide daily updates to cryptocurrency traders. It is also focused on macro forces that influence the markets and its goals also include helping investors make better decisions so as to achieve success. This channel became active on July 12 last year and has so far garnered a total of 5.4 million views.

3. Sunny Decree

This is one of the oldest channels related to cryptocurrency which means that Decree, its founder has been analyzing the markets for a long time and thus has significant knowledge of the market. The channel was created in September 2006 long before cryptocurrency became a reality. It was initially focused on video games before decree eventually decided that the cryptocurrency market was the future of the YouTube account. The channel has a wide range of focus including cryptocurrency trading, crypto mining, market analysis, market news, and reviews. Decree currently has 56,000 followers and a total of 4.5 million views.

4. Tone Vays

This YouTube channel is predominantly focused on Bitcoin trading as opposed to the overall cryptocurrency market. The channel also has some videos of forums involving Bitcoin. This channel is thus suited for those that want to focus on Bitcoin trading only. The channel has been active since August 2016 and has a total of more than 4 million views.

5. Ivan On Tech

This channel was founded by a Swedish software developer called Ivan Liljeqvist. Unlike most of the other channels in this list, this one mostly involves forums which he talks about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The channel was created in July 2013 and has more than 7.4 million total views.

6. Doug Polk Crypto

This YouTube channel involves general content about the cryptocurrency market such as scam reviews and talk concerning the latest crypto-related news. Some of the content traverses entertainment news and projects related to cryptocurrency. It was created in November 2016 and has more than 8 million total views.

7. TheChartGuys

This channel focuses on providing trading knowledge to help investors learn how to trade especially by teaching them on how to use technical analysis. This channel is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to trade the cryptocurrency markets using trading charts. The channel was created in December 2014 and has more than 4.7 million aggregate views.

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