Masters Degree In Cryptocurrency Finance Now Offered In Brazil


Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a university in Brazil based in Sao Paulo, has started offering a Master?s degree in cryptocurrency finance. According to the institution of higher learning this is in the first postgraduate degree in the subject in the world. Per the coordinator of the program, Ricardo Rochman, the postgraduate course was started because there was a gap that required to be filled since players in the sector were lacking in expertise.

This is not the first time that educational institutions in Brazil are integrating cryptocurrency studies in their programs. In 2017 University of Sao Paulo?s Faculty of Economics and Administration incorporated digital currencies into its derivatives course. Professor Alan de Genaro pioneered the course.

A group of university students in Brazil have also formed a part junior firm and a part study-group that is dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Known as Blockchain Insper, the entity offers workshops and classes on virtual coins.

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