Has Bitcoin Failed, And Will Bitcoin Cash Prevail? Ver Thinks So…

Has Bitcoin Failed, And Will Bitcoin Cash Prevail? Ver Thinks So

An interesting debate took a place at Deconomy or Distributed Economy, in Seoul, South Korea on 5th April regarding Bitcoin scaling and adoption. The two personalities, who took part in this debate, were erudite in bitcoin pace and it was heated to an extent that it was going through the roof.

Roger Ver, an early investor in bitcoin-related startups and prominent supporter of bitcoin adoption had a friendly fight with Samson Mow, former COO of one of the largest digital currency exchanges and mining pools in the world and now Blockstream’s new Chief Strategy Officer, with words. Both of them had discussed the issues regarding bitcoin scaling. Though Ver went a bit far, breaking the ice, proving his point that Bitcoin Cash, a hard forked cryptocurrency, can be utilized to lower the transaction fees and reduce the transaction validation time hence, bringing the economic freedom that Bitcoin failed to achieve.

Ver used to be the huge promoter of Bitcoin and now suddenly promoting the Bitcoin Cash with his crystal clear vision of making the Bitcoin Cash ?everybody?s coin, unlike Bitcoin which, now, not everyone?s cup of tea. Regarding that, he said that ?people like to make a joke about how Bitcoin isn?t for people who make less than $2 per day?.

Ver used to believe that bitcoin is for everyone and can be used as replacement of fiat currency but in debate, while demolishing the entire Bitcoin project and appreciated Bitcoin Cash, he stated that ?people who came to know bitcoin later, diverged the entire bitcoin project into something that wasn?t usable as peer-to-peer cash as described in very title of the White paper.?

His last arguments stating the how bitcoin failed to achieve the economic freedom and how bitcoin cash is new Bitcoin, were the most interesting part of the debate as he claims how babies are dying and people are starving to death because of less economic freedom.

He said. ?People who appreciate an economic freedom are going to be upset because we have delayed the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world by several years because of the central ship, propaganda, and diversion of Bitcoin scaling roadmap.?

‘So that means more babies are dying in countries around the world because they have less economic freedom, more people are starving to death because they have less economic freedom and people are literally dying because of this. I am not exaggerating, it?s a life and death matter around the world and more people are dying because we have not been able to bring the economic freedom as quickly as possible.’

You can watch the whole debate video if you?d like but the part when he expressed his view fiercely regarding bitcoin project and economy can be watched after skipping first 37 minutes.


In this debate at Deconomy, he clearly and strategically puts all his chips on the table in favor of bitcoin cash while showing his disappointment with Bitcoin.

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