IBM Seeks Patent For A Blockchain-Based Software Testing

Blockchain-Based Software Testing

Tech giant IBM has applied for a patent for a technology that describes the use of blockchain-based system to test software applications. According to the patent application, blockchain would ensure security on the infrastructure that would be used for the testing of the applications by allocating the tasks to miners. The miners would then be rewarded with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) after completing the testing tasks.

According to IBM the blockchain-based testing system would assist in cutting costs as it would be cheaper in comparison with the current test infrastructures which are based on the cloud. Per the filing software testing has increasingly become hardware intensive due to the rising complexity as well as requirements of the software applications that are being launched.

Patent application

Filed in late 2016 the patent application states that initially a request would be made concerning the testing of a software application. Then a package will be submitted before being executed through a smart contract which contains all the details. There will also be the publication of more general information on a public ledger. Additionally results received from a test can be recorded on the blockchain.

This comes in the wake of IBM joining a nonprofit known as the Sovrin Foundation, which is seeking to develop a worldwide decentralized identity system that is based on a blockchain. According to the chairperson of Sovrin, Phil Windley, IBM will dedicate security, hardware and network capacity with a view to assisting in the creation of the digital identity network serving both businesses and individuals.

Authentic online world

?The way we live and work online is quite different from the physical world. By creating a global digital identity system, Sovrin is trying to make the online world as authentic and as interactive as the physical world,? said Windley.

Other IT firms which have joined the Sovrin initiative include the research and innovation division of Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Innovation laboratories.

According to Windley the network of Sovrin was currently operating with limited capacity though the availability will widen mid this year. The network of Sovrin is based on W3C?s emerging standards of digitally-signed credentials.

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