8 Digital Currency Apps That Every Crypto Enthusiast Needs

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With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular, enthusiasts of virtual currencies need apps that are reliable and secure to help them navigate this nascent space. Below are some of the best apps for virtual currencies.

1. Bitcoin Checker

With this cryptocurrency app users are able to get the latest prices on just about any existing digital currencies across the globe. One of the best features of Bitcoin Check is its simplistic user interface. The app costs nothing to use and is especially suited for beginners. Besides numerous cryptocurrencies the app also has information on more than 80 digital coin exchanges spread across the world.

2. Bitmap

This app shows you the businesses located close to you that accept cryptocurrencies in case you want to spend your digital assets and pay using digital coins. Bitmap also shows you the closest Bitcoin ATM in case you want to withdraw hard cash.

3. Bitcoin Price IQ

Besides showing the latest price for Bitcoin this app also contains price information for a total of 165 virtual currencies across the globe. The app also comes with historical charts and an alert system which works for a couple of digital coins.

4. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

While the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet serves the purpose of keeping your digital coins like other wallets, it has a strong focus on privacy and security. With this app you enjoy peace of mind.

5. Bitcoin Ticker Widget

With Bitcoin Ticker Widget, the exchange rates of the various virtual currencies are displayed on the home screen of your mobile device. Thus there is no need to launch an app. This app does not come with a wallet but just serves as an informational tool. Most major virtual currencies are supported by this app and it is possible to set more than one widget up if you need to follow more than one digital coin simultaneously.

6. Bitcoin Wallet

This app has been developed by Coinbase and it is useful with regards to the management of personal Bitcoins. Additionally it is possible to sell, buy or spend Bitcoins using this app. And in case of losing your mobile device it is possible to disable access thereby ensuring that your digital coins remain safe.

7. Blockchain Luxembourg?s Bitcoin Wallet

Though relatively new to the market, this Bitcoin Wallet is quickly gaining popularity due to the fact that it is user friendly. The app supports 25 languages and among the basic features include exchange rates for virtual currencies numbering more than 20. The security features of Bitcoin Wallet are superb. Bitcoin Wallet is especially suited for beginners as well as intermediaries.

8. Blockfolio

For investors in the cryptocurrency space this is one of the best apps available. Blockfolio has an alert system that lets investors know when a certain price has been reached. Its scope is quite wide and varied as it tracks more than 800 virtual currencies. Additionally Blockfolio has a news feature allowing investors to keep themselves updated with regards to the latest developments in the digital assets sector.

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