How Virtual Currencies Are Influencing Pop Culture

Virtual Currencies Are Influencing Pop Culture

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues its wild ride, one of the little-known facts about it is that it has had a profound effect on bitcoin culture. Its influence in popular culture has involved serving as an inspiration for ideas be they songs, films, fine art or television shows. In the case of film two years ago Bitcoin inspired an action movie which was aptly named Bitcoin Heist. The writer and director of the film is Ham Tran, a Vietnamese. The film which is the cryptocurrency version of Oceans 11 is currently on Netflix.
In the music world a rapper has not only taken a name inspired by virtual currencies but has also made a song on the same. Arya Bahmanyar, a former real estate agent-turned rapper goes by the name CoinDaddy while his song on digital coins is known as Crypto Life. Besides Arya Bahmanyar, a pop group made up of eight members based in Japan has taken the name Kasotsuka Shojo which translated means Virtual Currency Girls. Besides the name of the group reflecting the digital coins euphoria sweeping the globe, each of the group?s members bear a name of a virtual currency. The first song that the group released was a song going by the name ?The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me?.

Inciting incident for a TV show

On television a drama that runs for one hour used the emergence of a new virtual currency as the inciting incident. The TV show is known as Startup and it stars Adam Brody, Martin Freeman and Ron Perlman. Startup is available on Crackle, an online streaming platform owned by Sony. The show is currently in the second season.
With regards to the influence virtual currencies have had on pop culture, they have not been restricted to performing arts though as fine artists are in on it too. A group of these artists have hosted exhibitions where virtual currencies are the central theme. Four years ago for instance a Bitcoin Art Show was held by a San Francisco, California-based startup living space known as 20Mission.

Blockchain technology

Besides serving as a source of ideas, the blockchain technology on which virtual currencies are based on could also help musicians for instance with regards to making a living from their art. Since the internet went mainstream it has become harder for performing artists such as musicians to live sustainably on their music due to illegal downloads. While online music streaming platforms such as Spotify have certainly helped to a certain extent the pay is low.
With the blockchain technology it would be possible for musicians to have a comprehensive database which would contain music copyright ownership information. The same blockchain technology can assist in payments. Currently it takes a long time before musicians can get the royalties for their music but with the blockchain technology it would be possible for them to get these payments as soon as a track has been streamed or downloaded. Smart contracts would make this possible. It wouldn?t matter how tiny the payment is since with some virtual currencies the cost of sending money is very low.

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