What is: Bitcoin

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To most people Bitcoin is probably the best known cryptocurrency, and when it made its huge climb to nearly $20,000 momentarily, and got mainstreams attention kicking off a modern time ‘gold rush’. This however, is only a small fraction of what is should be known for.

Not only is Bitcoin the first decentralized cryptocurrency but it also introduced a new technology which we know as blockchain. While the concept on which Bitcoin was created – an electronic cash system – is disruptive to the financial industry, the blockchain technology is what will truly revolutionize the rest of the industries due to its wide range of application.

Bitcoin should be known as the mother to all current and future cryptocurrencies, but should really be credited for all new technology developments that are using the blockchain as a blueprint.

Quick facts:
Company name: Bitcoin is not an actual company
Year founded: 2009 (concept drafted in 2008)
Founders: Satoshi Nakamoto (whether it is an individual or group is not known)
Headquarters: ?
Website: https://bitcoin.org
Technology: Blockchain
Use: – Electronic cash system
Target audience: – Consumers
– Retailers
Coin Name: Bitcoin
Ticker symbol: ?BTC
Total amount created: ?21 million
?Amount in circulation: ?17 million as of March 2018
Market cap: ?$131 billion as of March 2018
Consensus Protocol: ?Proof-of-Work (PoW)
Minable: Yes
Category: Token (Voucher)
Name Price24H % Supply Volume Market Cap
18.53M BTC

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What is: BTC

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