Crypto-Mining Heater Launched By French Company

Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

French startup firm Qarnot has launched a computing heater which also serves as a device for mining virtual currencies. Inside the heater branded QC1 is a passive computer that has been optimized for mining digital currencies. Prior to the rise of personal computing, early stage computers used to emit a lot of heat. And even these days cooling is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in data centers due to the amount of heat that computers located in these facilities produce.
So far Qarnot has developed three generations of the computing heaters which possess multiple CPUs. Some of these devices have been sold to construction firms which need heaters for new buildings. The startup?s newest devices will however be sold to end users.

Two GPUs

Some of the features of the QC1 computing heater include two graphical processing units (Radeon RX580 + Sapphire Nitro accompanied by 8GB of VRAM) from AMD. By default the computing heaters are made to mine Ethereum (ETH) though it will also be possible to mine other virtual currencies.
To set up the computing heater all that users need to do is plug it into an Ethernet cable. Users also have to put the address of their Ethereum wallet in the app. With time the address will be credited with Ethers and users will be able to keep all the coins as Qarnot is not taking any cut.

Traditional heating conductors

Whenever it becomes necessary to heat a home the two GPUs on the computing heater will be turned on and mining will begin at speeds of 60 MH/s. In case the two GPUs are not adequate the QC1 comes with traditional heating conductors.
The computing heater of Qarnot does not however possess any hard drive meaning all the heating is passive. It also does not have a fan so there will be no buzzing noise in the background. Prices of the QC1 starts at $3,600.
According to Qarnot users of the QC1 say that at the current Ethereum prices it will be possible to mine approximately $120 every month. However this is when electricity costs haven?t been taken into account.

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